Maiyo TV

"I hate television. I hate it as much as peanuts.
But I can't stop eating peanuts."

(Orson Welles)

Meet the revolutionary app

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The most simple Way to watch TV on the Go!

Maiyo TV is a service that is supposed to offer live streams of TV channels for the United States, UK, Germany, France, Russia, and many other countries to anyone with an iOS device.

Maiyo TV

Have all this and more, for FREE!

In addition, you won’t need any dishes, boxes or software to activate our service. All you need is internet downstream bandwidth of 1 Mbit/s or higher. Think of what we are offering you. Full, constant, High-Definition access to over 100 of the world’s greatest networks and programming. Watch Sports, Movies and entertainment channels live on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch wherever you are in the world with a Wi-Fi, broadband or 3G connection.
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What are the Benefits of Maiyo TV?

・About 100 TV Channels

・Free HD Channels (in progress...)

・Channels from US, GB, FR, DE, RU...

・Watch via Wi-Fi and Cellular

・English & German Support

iPad Channel View
iPad Home

・Regular Updates

・Simple Userinterface


・99% Uptime

Source Code Available

・Never miss a Show again!!!


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